Friday, January 17, 2014

Sewing Envy

I have always envied those who can sew.  I mean those who can really sew, like clothing and stuff.  I remember in 7th grade we had to make a pair of shorts and shirt and then we had to wear our creations to school for part of the grade.  For that assignment I choose a fabric that was stretchy.  I clearly used the wrong kind of fabric.  I sat down in it at the beginning of the day and it stretched and stretched.  It got bagger and bagger as the day went.  It never regained it’s normal size or anything close to it.  Needless to say, I never worn the shorts again!
Making clothing wasn’t hard, but I am someone who learns by a physical person showing me how and is standing right in front of me.  I checked out many sewing books and I just don’t understand the sewing language. 
One of my resolutions for 2014, I talked about it Monday, is to learn how to sew the “right way”.  I have sewn a few things but they all have been the backwards and upside down way.  Here’s a few examples:
My long yellow ruffle garland project.  I first sewed them together but then I wanted it to ruffle.  I didn’t know how to do that so I hot glued it into a rufflily state. 
My gold glittered bow project.  If you took off the center tie ribbon it would reveal something quite different underneath.  Pretty sure it’s not how you’re suppose to make a bow.
And lastly my first attempt at making a pillow.  As I said Monday I want to start making pillows; pillows with zippers.  If you lift this pillow up the underneath side is unfinished and open.  I tried putting in a zipper, but it didn’t work since I had already sewn the other 3 sides.  Apparently you must put in the zipper first THEN sew the other sides.  I had to cut off the zipper and it’s a whole mess on the bottom side!
So you could say I’m still learning.  At least I want to keep trying.
I do have a sewing machine; I bought it shortly after I graduated college.  My thought then was to become a designer who could offer clients sewing opportunities in house.  That still is something that I very much would like to pursue.  But I guess I need to become better before I offer anybody anything!
To become better, I’ve already pinned several easy-to-understand blog posts.  Then I want to check out YouTube as I’m sure I will find a wealth of information.  I’ll keep you posted on my future as a sewer.  Ha/Ha
Thanks for reading!
Bye for now.

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