Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Girls' Christmas Bedroom

I thought I would share some of my pictures I took of the girls’ bedroom decorated for Christmas.
Last year I brought a little bit of Christmas into their room and continued it again for this year.
I found a tutorial for a feather tree that I thought would look perfect in the girls’ bedroom that I wanted to give a try.  It was super easy to make, but this year I placed it into a pot since it was a little wobbly last year.
I did make the stuffed gold fabric bows.  There will be NO tutorial coming anytime soon!  I have very limited sewing knowledge and I just kind-of flew by the seat of my pants on that project.  All I can say is I got the inspiration from this ornament.
I glittered over old ornaments and picked up a few new pink and sequined ornaments and hung them on the tree.
And a white beaded bird I purchased at Target years ago acts as the tree topper.
I tried to coordinate the Christmas tree and ornaments to the art that is placed on the wall behind.
I drew the picture of the girl.  It had mixed reviews even some tears when I was hanging it on the wall.  Why does she not have a face?  Why is she holding her necklace that way?  Why is her arm placed on her head like that?  All questions that I needed to address and never thought I would have to over a girl in a ball gown.  But now that it’s up all questions have been subsided as they can see the bigger picture of it all together.  Yeah!  That’s what I like!
My gold ornate oval mirror that I purchased on Craig’s List looks great in their room.
Pink magnolias top the mirror, are at the base of the tree and up on a shelf in a vase.  I wanted to stay consistent and have a flow within the room in using the same type of flower.
I made several different types of cone trees for their room.  One with the same glitter as some of the ornaments and one with crushed velvet draped around it.
A bowered glass tray that once had a cream and sugar container on it, now houses their perfumes and Swarovski crystal figures (that I had in my childhood bedroom) is nicely contained on top of the dresser.
One daughter has been playing the violin for 3 years now and one daughter is in her first year of the cello.  They have been practicing a Christmas song for the family on Christmas Eve.  It’s so sweet and I can’t wait!
Last year I started a new tradition for a our family.  I would wrap one present and have it under “their” tree for Christmas.  It’s something that they will carry on and have in their home when they grow up.  I’m not going to say what it is, incase someone in particular is reading this.  But when I brought up the gifts the other night my little guy, who is 5 soon-to-be-6, thought it as a 3DS.  Sorry bud it’s not!
I hope you enjoyed the mini tour of my girls’ Christmas bedroom.  I will be back soon to show what I’ve done with my little guy’s room.  His birthday is on Tuesday…where has the time gone!
Thanks for reading!
Bye for now.

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