Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Entry Area and Book Shelves

Our little guy had his 6th birthday a couple of days ago!  Doesn’t seem possible that he was born 6 years ago!  My how time flies!  He’s become a super little guy that is filled with excitement, thoughtfulness and a selflessness abundance to want to help.  It’s a crazy good on how much he just wants to help!  I just love him so!  Here’s a picture of him that night.


I have so much to share and very little time to do it in.  Thank goodness my shopping is done!  A few more presents to wrap and this Christmas season will come to an end.  But first let me share my Christmas entry area and book shelves.


I didn’t do a whole lot of rearranging of the shelves from what they looked like here.


I picked up a few more books from my Grandma’s house to fill the empty spaces and added some Christmas sparkle.



I twisted regular garland with a lighted garland to give it more thickness.  Then I clustered ornaments and tied them to the garland.  I didn’t have enough to span the distance of the book shelves so I just draped it over one side. 


It you remember my DIY vase I didn’t have much luck using gold leaf.  Well I did some research and decided to give it another try.  I did paint it gold first then applied the gold leaf.  Which in some areas the gold leaf rubbed off completely and just the gold paint is showing.  I can’t even tell those areas so I decided to keep it.  Plus it’s somewhat covered in the book shelf so no one will ever completely see those areas.






My small entry tree has now become this fun whimsical kids’ tree.  It has all my Hallmark ornaments from when I was a child plus our children’s collections.  It’s fun with it’s oversized bulbs, snowflakes and curly red glittered wires coming out of it.






On to the other side of the room, we repainted our cabinet in a fresh coat of black paint.  Placed above it is a Pier 1 mirror I got for my birthday a couple of months ago.  I spray painted some curly branches and applied white glitter to a few of them and placed them into a glass candle holder.  I hung a collection of ornaments from the branches.



I wanted a simple holiday wreath to hang over the mirror.  I made this one from greenery picks that were bent and then wired together into the shape of a wreath. 


Again for the holiday season, I used my vanity tray from my bedroom and placed a bowl up top with a few sparkly ornaments within.



In the past I’ve had wreaths for my front door that have been made by me.  Made by me in the fact they took hours and hours to make.  This one was also made by me but it’s simple; it only took an afternoon!  I combined 2 existing wreaths.  Cutting greenery from one and hot gluing it onto the other.  It made a full wreath that is close to 22” in diameter.  I originally had planned on adding some pinecones and ornaments but I rather liked it in it’s simple base form.  I tied some gold trimmed red ribbon into a bow and hung it from the top of the door.



I’ll be back soon to share my little guy’s bedroom all decked out for a woodsy Christmas.  I think someday I’ll have to stop calling him my little guy or maybe not.  He will always be my little guy no matter what age he turns!

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now.

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