Tuesday, February 7, 2012

one snowy saturday

  It's been awhile since I last wrote.  A long while.

It's the age old reason....I'm too busy.  Maybe I should back up and start over.

Writing does not come easy for me.  When I have sat down in the past to write a post, it takes me reading it over and over again.  Correcting things here and there and then finally I will push the "publish" button.  And even sometimes I will read it again after it's already been published and fix or correct words, sentences and even paragraphs.  I simply can not write and publish a post in 10 minutes!

So what I'm saying is that I have short amounts of time throughout the day to get things done.  Laundry is always at the top of my list and writing and posting is several notches down.

I am a creative person.  I like to make all sorts of things.  And I really like to share the things I've made.  But when a pile of laundry needs to be folded before kiddos get up from nap time I will most definitely always choose to fold instead of write.

I don't know how other bloggers do it.  I realize some of the bigger blogs have multiple contributors.  It's hard to balance work, family and finding time for yourself.  I'm still searching for finding ENOUGH time for myself.  

This post I planned on writing Sunday night and then that turned into Monday and now it's Tuesday.  All my kiddos are sleeping (even my little guy finally decided to fall asleep) and it's very quiet.  This post is a little out of date but I guess better than not writing it at all.

Saturday, here in the Midwest, we were hit with a big snow storm.  We went to bed @ 11:00 on Friday night and it wasn't snowing yet.  Saturday morning we woke up to not being able to look out our windows due to the heavy wet snow on the window scenes.  I heard yesterday a total of 11" of snow fell that night. 

Morning dance was canceled and then.....we knew we needed to be making a decision.  We debated and debated if we should cancel our daughter's birthday party to be held later that night.  Knowing that if we did cancel/postpone the party it would be the biggest decision to affect our daughter's young social life.  We made our decison and there were lots of tears, sad faces, sulking and stomping feet.  I would have to say I was surprised it didin't last long.  We made promises to open a few presents and play in the snow.

And her is the birthday girl in a much happy moment after completing the Lego Friends house given by Grandma and Grandpa on Sunday.  We also watched "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" altogether.  I don't normally sit down and watch kid movies or honestly any movie , but that movie is good! 

Thanks for reading!  I enjoy sharing and do plan on sharing more in the future.  But I'm still searching for a plan that will include everything I would like to get done in a day.  Maybe I'm being unrealistic in my plan.  But I don't think so.  I certainally let things slide and slide.  I think my new focus is how it will make me feel if I were to accomplish something.  Then starting a new day I will be that much better off feeling.  So maybe I'll start by looking at it that way. 

Continued until next time....

Your friend,