Wednesday, August 28, 2013

girls’ bedroom art

I was doing some wishful thinking on art. 

I love art!  I once wanted to be known as an artist.  All I wanted to do was paint.

I still do but I want to do more.  I want to design plus paint. 

Gosh there just isn’t enough hours in the day to do it all.  And if you’re a painter you need a lot.  So I guess that’s why I’ve never made it as a painter.  I just don’t have the hours to succeed in it.

I’ll do some occasional paintings here and there but nothing full time. 

I created a design board on art pieces for the girls’ bedroom.  My collection is sophisticated with feminine details.  This collection is not too little girlish which is something I’m all about in redesigning their room.  Mind you…..nothing has taken place in the redesign of their space.  Simply just wishful thinking on my part.


1. janethillstudio / 2. ParisPlus / 3. rebeccaplotnick / 4. LeighViner / 5. HeidiCarlsenRogers / 6. janethillstudio

I want to create a gallery wall that has some photographs, some fine art giclee prints and some abstract drawings to counterbalance more of the traditional feel the room will have.

I love all of pieces together.  Each one brings a different story, a different color and just a different way at looking at something ordinary.

As far as picture frames, I envision a mix of warmer woods that will tie into the dresser/nightstand that will separate their beds.  Plus gold frames in various widths that will tie in with the accents found throughout the room.

I you missed my earlier post of the color scheme for the girls’ bedroom you can find it here.  My “jumping off” fabric is this found here.


Hope you enjoyed my wishful thinking.  It sure was fun and maybe some day it will happen!

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Friday, August 23, 2013

update progress on my book shelves

My book shelves are about half way through to completion.  My handy husband thinks you need to sand down to bare wood for them to be painted.  And I don’t know!  I sure don’t want someone's fingernail to swipe away the paint to the wood vanish underneath.  But I just saw on another blog she used “Liquid Sander” to prep the wood instead of sanding.  Urghhh!  I guess we’ll look into that on the next project seeing that all but a couple of shelves need to be sanded.

Disclaimer alert….My dear handy husband has done probably 95% of the work.  I am not claiming responsibility for any of what has been done some far.  I’ve done like a SHELF and that’s it!  I really had higher hopes for myself in sanding these and I even proclaimed that he didn’t need to worry about them I was going to do it.  Well it really didn’t happen that way.  I can not stand sanding!  It’s sooooo boring!

Here the book shelves sit in our garage.


I also wanted to show you that it’s been a whole family kind of thing to do after dinner on many nights.

Little man is seriously at work, deep in his thoughts while sanding.


Handy husband is busy at striping the wood.


And the girls are sitting close by reading and listening to music.  So I guess it’s not totally a family helping thing, but we are all out there together in the garage enjoying each other’s company.  Isn’t that what’s most important?

I haven’t picked a specific color yet, but I do know I want them to be ivory.  As far as the back of the book shelves I want it to be a black or a very dark grey or even a dark brown (which I know we have some left over from a earlier project).  I thought about wall papering it, but no.  It would cost more and I probably would get tired of it faster than just plain old paint.

As the weekend approaches we my handy husband will probably finish the sanding and I will finalize a color (that’s my job!). 

I’ll keep you posted!  Have a super weekend!

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

a gold mirror (my second Craig’s list purchase)

I wanted to share with you my “second” Craig’s list purchase. 

If you missed my first you can read about it here.

I wanted to find an oval mirror preferably gold with some scrolling details to it.  It needed to be some what of a good size to hang in my daughters’ room above their dresser.

I’ve looked and looked and just couldn’t find anything in my price range online. 

As I have stated before, I’m constantly looking at Craig’s list.  And one day I find the mirror I’ve been searching for!  I contact the person through email and no answer.  Well I see it still listed several days later and email again.  Still no answer.  I probably emailed 10 times.  I thought maybe there was a glitch in their email and they didn’t get it.  I was noticing the item kept on getting renewed plus more items were being added by this person.  (I only knew this because the person was selling only mirrors and the reflection in the mirror was the same for each listing).

Then one day I noticed one of the other mirrors had just been renewed.  I quickly jumped on the computer and emailed them.  BOOM!  I got a reply!  The mirror was still available!  After     all      this      time!

A few days later I picked up the mirror.  I probably was at this person’s house for a whole total of 2 minutes.  I saw it, took out my money and I was out the door loading it into my car.

I know all of you are waiting on the edge of your seats, dying to see my mirror!

So without further ado…..


I love it!  It’s exactly what I envisioned for their room.  I wanted accents of gold and this mirror will definitely deliver.

Now for the rest of the family…..

My handy husband WAS NOT jumping for joy when I pulled up and neither were my kids, especially the ones that will be looking into this mirror everyday.


But I reminded them to wait-and-see the whole picture after the room is completed before they disregard a design element.


That being said I’m still very excited in putting their room together even though not everyone is on board.  I thought I would show you my “start” to their bedroom.  It’s going to be a VERY slow process and hopefully it will be worth the wait.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

girls’ bedroom inspiration

Today I was playing around with my newly downloaded trial version of Photoshop Elements 11.
It’s pretty cool! 
I was looking for a program that I could easily understand and work with.  I just did this design board in a short amount of time.  This program is basic but has all the features I wanted.  I put this together with proposed fabrics and rug for my girls’ bedroom.

In my “redesigning our house finishes over for my interior design portfolio” this is the look I want for my girls’ bedroom.  I classify it as “Vintage Glamour”.  It’s definitely going to be more of a classy and grown up room but yet it won’t look too old and stuffy.

I fell in love with the floral fabric!  It will compliment the existing pieces that will remain in their room.  That fabric is a keeper and is my jumping off point.  You can pull so many different shades of pinks, purples, grays, browns and a touch of orange, which one sister is very partial to! 
The upholstered headboard could easily be a DIY project instead of paying hundreds of dollars.
I have always liked the layout of two twin beds side-by-side with a small chest in between.  There is just something about this layout that creates an atmosphere for quiet private sisterly talks.  I guess it’s something that I wished my sister and I had.  We had our own room but I do remember asking if we could remove the wall between our bedrooms so that we could share one space. 
Here are a few pictures of what I am thinking about.  You can find all of these and others by following me on Pinterest.  I’m constantly looking for new inspiration.
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