Monday, October 8, 2012

fall entry way

  I thought I would start today by showing my fall entry. 
Right when you walk in is my famous Pottery Barn chair.  As I have blogged about it before, my husband and I were not in totally agreement about.  Or it's been so long since I've purchased the chair I might have the story wrong.  I think I told him I was buying a chair and he said fine.  OK.  Once it is in our home he couldn't believe I spent money on it as it is not even an ounce bit comfortable.
Yes I have to admit that, but I sure looks great!
Next to it is our computer desk that we refinished red a couple of years ago.  Today, I am rethinking the red or should a dare say I've been thinking about it for awhile now.  Don't tell my husband!  He did all the work, he sanded, stained and lacquered.  All I did was distress it with a little black paint and ordered the knobs.  I didn't even put those on. 
I love the look of curly branches!  I have kept them all spring and summer season basically naked with nothing at the base.  For fall I decided to add some fall orange flowers with beads and brown feathers.  It creates more interest at the base.

I see metallic pumpkins everywhere this year and I bought a small one from Hobby Lobby.  The pumpkin picks up the orangey color of the flowers in the branches.

I have had my book page wreath displayed here for the longest time, you can see it here.  As I was browsing Pinterst one day looking for a new wreath, either to make or buy, I came across this one at  It had all the colors I wanted to incorporate and it was just the right size.  Plus the colors I thought could carry into the winter season after the holidays.  I contemplated on buying feathers and making it myself.  But once I looked at prices for feathers it would have been too costly.

On the other side of the entry is my gallery wall.  I do change out photos according to the seasons. 
One might think it's a bit nutty but I usually coordinate the photos to the season. 
The ones I have up now are from my kiddos at the pumpkin patch last year.  We are going to go in October and I'll take a gazillion pictures of them doing all sorts of pumpkin patch activities.  Whether or not I put those up I don't know, but at least I have fall photos up now. 

I always try to include some art work, and it's usually simple stuff that I do.  Like this one of the leaves.  I just double-sided taped these leaves onto white paper and stuck it under a mat.  I also did it here on my fall mantel.
I also included pictures of pumpkins that are ironed onto fabric and then stapled onto a canvas.  These are the first I did a couple of years ago.  Now, instead of stapling them onto canvas, I use a piece of wood.  The wood is free.  We have wood lying around in our garage and my husband has a fancy table saw that he can use to cut me whatever size I want.  If I want to hang it I simply hammer on a wall hanger. 
I just did a search on Etsy to see if these images are still available and I did find the smaller pumpkin here. 

We hope to go to the pumpkin patch this Saturday.  We are all looking forward to it. 

I just saw the weather forecast and it's suppose to rain.  Boo! 

Thanks for stopping.

Bye for now!