Friday, September 20, 2013

my little man’s bedroom inspiration

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday! 

I wanted to share with you my ideas for the little man in my family.

My little man would cringe if he knew that I was calling him that.  The very last line in one of our Lego books reads, “All in a days work, Men.”  He becomes very embarrassed when he hears the word “man” or “men” and he always replaces it with “people” instead. 

I wanted to create an inspiration board similar to that of what I would like to do for the girls’ bedroom.  My ideas are all grown-up.  I want a very handsome and mature room that he can grow older in and not feel to little kiddish.  He will still have all of his trucks, trains and Legos, but I’m doing away with all that kind of decoration stuff.  No more truck finnal curtain rod and holders that are falling off the wall!  Falling off the wall we can fix, but I’m tried of the transportation d├ęcor!

So hence my “little man” title. 

It’s a grown-up space with grown-up details….


As you can see I’m calling it “Little Man’s Handsome Adventure”.  I originally had in mind something outdoorsy.  Maybe outdoorsy camping…but we’ve really never been camping.  So for now I’m stickin with just the outdoorsy.  His Dad enjoys hunting, both Grandpas hunt and I’m sure he will eventually go hunting too.

I came across this fabric and it reminded me of the night sky with stars.  Some shining brightly and some a little less bright.  (I didn’t show it on the design board – I didn’t really know how to represent it into curtains).  Oh-well!


But I still needed a jumping off fabric that several different colors could be pulled from.  Until I found this…


There are several different shades of blue that could be pulled from this one patterned fabric.  I’ve paired it with blacks, greys and browns.  Right now I am lovin the blues and blacks together.  It looks really sharp!

We have existing warm wood finished furniture pieces that will remain in the room and I’ve tried to represent their colors in the wood examples on the design board.

I drew a drawing of what I would like to do for one side of the room.  Just beware…it’s ROUGH!


My little man took one look at it and asked where is his train track was going to go.  Before I could think of a nice way of saying “it’s going downstairs” he started drawing the track where he thought it should go.  I’m OK with that!  It not in the walk way….it’s kind-of out of sight, and he’s happy. 

He could also see in the bottom left hand corner something new.  “What is that?” he asked.  I said “A chair.”  He said. “Where is my Lego table going to go?”.  In a similar polite fashion I tried to explain the positives why a boy would need a upholstered chair in his bedroom.  He was not having it!  I quickly reminded him that these were just ideas and not something that was going to happen anytime soon.  For all that he knows by the time that this design would become reality he might be well over Legos.

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my design thoughts for my little man’s bedroom.

Thanks for stopping!

Bye for now.

Monday, September 16, 2013

a new name and an update

A while back I changed my blog name from “Fireside Studios” to “Emily M. Gish”.  I wanted visitors to remember me with a easy recognizable name that simple is just “ME”.  There is no confusion on what my blog is named or what visitors remember, it’s simply just my name.

With a new name change I wanted my blog to have a more simpler look.  Right NOW I’m very much into neutral colors with a splash of sparkle.  I say that “now” because I could possibly have a totally different idea of what I want next year.

I did need to update the blog.  I wanted it to be easy to find me in the social media world.  I recently started a Facebook page and opened a Twitter account.  Not a whole lot of stuff is happening on my end with those pages.  But I am on Pinterest and Instagram several times a day.  So come follow me on one or on all four.  I would love it if you did!

My most important thing I updated was that I added a custom designed “Pin It” button to all of my pictures.  Move your cursor to the the top right hand portion of any picture and it will allow you to pin to your Pinterest account.  This is nothing new I know.  I just love it when sites have this!  It makes saving what you want to save that much easier.

If you were wondering where my blog design came from, it can be found here.  The designer I worked with was wonderful and answered all of my questions.  I would definitely use them again!

On to things I’m working on right now….

I took down my gallery wall.  You can see it here.  Along the same lines as my blog design, I want a more simpler look.  So right now it looks like this.


Pretty sad I know.  I haven’t taken down all the screws yet from the shelves, I MIGHT change my mind.  But I think I need a change.  We brought up this old bottom half of a book shelf that will act as a entry table.


As you can see the top is marked up from having a TV on it.  It needs more than a fresh coat of paint.  What it needs is for it to be sanded down and sprayed a new coat of paint.  Also…


It’s missing the trim molding on the left door.  I wouldn’t think it would be to hard replace.?  Hopefully it’s something that can be picked up at a hardware store, cut, and glued on.  Let’s cross our fingers on that one!

This cabinet and definitely the wall behind will need work – patching holes and totally repainting the wall…


I posted this picture on Instagram today.  Weird?  Yes!  But I’m excited that my handy husband brought this home for me!  Yes, my husband doesn’t bring me flowers he brings me spackling.  Weird again?  Yes, I know!  Not only will I patch the holes with this but also I want to make a painting…


I want to make a painting out of this 3’ x 3’ wood sheet that will hang above our sofa.  This was a project from years ago that I lost interest in and never completed.  It sat in our basement until now.  I plan on using the spackling to give it some texture.  I would like to paint an abstract of a horizon line using this paint…


I’ve never brought Martha’s paint before and I’ve never worked with metallic paint either.  I’m excited to give them both a try.

Finally, yes there is an end…


I bought this fabric from here and it came super quick this week.  I’m going to try my hand at sewing a pillow!  I’ve sown a few things but never a pillow.  Oddly enough my oldest daughter is in a home economic class right now, and they are sewing a pillow.  I guess I can always ask my 11 year old daughter if I’m “doing it right”. 

Thanks for hanging in there and reading about my rambling.

I’ve got some work ahead of myself!

Of course I’ll keep you posted on all this!

Thanks for stopping!

Bye for now.