Wednesday, September 26, 2012

rolled flowers

My favorite thing in the kitchen right now is my vase full of rolled paper flowers. 
I'm at my kitchen sink a lot through-out the day and the flowers are so pleasing to look at.
I change out the flowers according to the colors of the season. 
I collected an array of fall colored papers at the craft store:  yellows, oranges, bronzes and even white with a scrolling gold design.

Rolled paper flowers are nothing new.  One can find tutorials all over the Internet. 
Today I'm going to show you how I make mine.  It's easy and the technique can be used as seasons come and go over and over again.
I started with all sorts of colored card stock paper - I've used text weight paper and it works fine too
Some sort of stem, I used floral wire
Glue gun

I start by cutting a square.

Then I cut a curvy blob.

From there I cut a curvy inward circle, leaving the center uncut.  I've seen tutorials on people drawing this out and cutting along the lines.  I've done this many times I can cut it free-hand, plus I like how it's curvier and more unpredictable.

Then I start to roll from the outside.

The center of the uncut circle creates a base to hot glue the flower together.  From this point I might unravel the flower a bit to open it up and then I hot glue it together.

Next, I take floral wire bend the tip and create a hook that is perpendicular to the stem.  This will create a base for you to hot glue to the back of the flower.

I cut a leaf shape out of green paper...and I usually just free cut this.  I don't want all my leaves to look the same.  I cut a slit in the base of the leaf, fold one side over and slightly bend the leaf upright.

Finally I hot glue everything together and I have a nice paper rolled flower.

Add it to a vase and you have a beautiful long-lasting flower arrangement.

I hope you have enjoyed my craft's a fairly fast and easy one that can be used in various decorations schemes.  It's not JUST a "fall" craft!
I'll start on some Christmas flowers to add once the season changes.
Thanks for stopping.
Bye for now!

Monday, September 24, 2012

welcome back fall and me

  Yes, it's been awhile! 
I don't have any reasons why I haven't written.  No major life changes or illness which is always good news.  I guess I've been busy, lazy and I honestly haven't had much to write about. 
Until now!
I've been really motivated with the upcoming holidays.  My house is decked out in fall.  I've even looked through my Christmas ornaments packed downstairs to see what I can do differently for this year. 
So again I welcome fall with my corn husk wreath for the front door.
Instead of tying the orange ribbon into a bow like last year, I wrapped it and tacked it to the top of the door.  This gives the wreath a cleaner and more polished look.  You can read how I made this wreath by clicking here.

Then off into our living room...
I don't believe I've ever showed a complete picture of the room.  We do not have a fireplace with a mantel, but I have a little niche above our TV that I change out as the seasons come. 
Right now I have wicker pumpkins, leaves, gold candlesticks, a collection of books and 2 pictures: one of my 3 favorite people and one that I put together a grouping of leaves.
In somethings I like order and symmetry and somethings I like random placement.  In this situation, I like how there are varying heights in all areas of the niche.  It's not predictable!
I did notice that it is some what hard to see the larger pumpkin in these photos.  So I did raise it up a bit but did not retake the pictures.

Also I'm not totally sure on my leaf art picture.  I don't know if I like the white mat on the white piece of paper the leaves are placed on.  The mat blends in and it's hard to tell that it's even there from a distance.
My Dad has given me a cutting mat contraption along with several different colored mats that I know one would look good in this grouping, but the thing looks COMPLICATED and haven't asked for a tutorial on how to use it. 

So there is my fall mantal and hopefully my first of many blog posts yet to come and finish out the year.
Welcome back me!
I look forward to sharing with all of you as the seasons go.
Thanks for stopping,
Bye for now.