Wednesday, September 26, 2012

rolled flowers

My favorite thing in the kitchen right now is my vase full of rolled paper flowers. 
I'm at my kitchen sink a lot through-out the day and the flowers are so pleasing to look at.
I change out the flowers according to the colors of the season. 
I collected an array of fall colored papers at the craft store:  yellows, oranges, bronzes and even white with a scrolling gold design.

Rolled paper flowers are nothing new.  One can find tutorials all over the Internet. 
Today I'm going to show you how I make mine.  It's easy and the technique can be used as seasons come and go over and over again.
I started with all sorts of colored card stock paper - I've used text weight paper and it works fine too
Some sort of stem, I used floral wire
Glue gun

I start by cutting a square.

Then I cut a curvy blob.

From there I cut a curvy inward circle, leaving the center uncut.  I've seen tutorials on people drawing this out and cutting along the lines.  I've done this many times I can cut it free-hand, plus I like how it's curvier and more unpredictable.

Then I start to roll from the outside.

The center of the uncut circle creates a base to hot glue the flower together.  From this point I might unravel the flower a bit to open it up and then I hot glue it together.

Next, I take floral wire bend the tip and create a hook that is perpendicular to the stem.  This will create a base for you to hot glue to the back of the flower.

I cut a leaf shape out of green paper...and I usually just free cut this.  I don't want all my leaves to look the same.  I cut a slit in the base of the leaf, fold one side over and slightly bend the leaf upright.

Finally I hot glue everything together and I have a nice paper rolled flower.

Add it to a vase and you have a beautiful long-lasting flower arrangement.

I hope you have enjoyed my craft's a fairly fast and easy one that can be used in various decorations schemes.  It's not JUST a "fall" craft!
I'll start on some Christmas flowers to add once the season changes.
Thanks for stopping.
Bye for now!

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