Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Look Back At Our Christmas

It’s now January and Christmas and New Year’s have come and gone.  Most of you have taken down everything and don’t want to think about it again for another 11 months.  I’m right there with you!  All our decorations have been taken down and put into storage and won’t come out again until next December.  It’s exciting to put it all for the celebration but it sure is nice to have your old house back again.

There were several things I wanted to share but simply ran out of time.  The first being our Christmas tree.  I waited until the very last moment and I mean last moment to take these pictures.  I took these Christmas Eve morning when the house was decorated and all our presents were wrapped.  My thought was that I could crank out a blog post after lunch that day.  I don’t know what I was thinking!  With hosting a dinner that night and getting 3 children and myself ready for church in the afternoon, writing a blog post was the least of my thoughts that day. 

So here I am.  Kids have returned back to school and children are napping.  This is the perfect time for me to share pictures of our living room with our Christmas tree and kitchen area.

My color palette for this year was white, gold and silver.  I threw in some black clustered ornaments on the tree and in patterned wrapping paper. 

When we were setting up the tree this season some of the strands of lights were out.  So I call my husband, who was already at Menards, to pick up a few boxes of lights.  He came home with LED lights. 

Now….!  If you don’t know me you will soon will know that I have a thing for LEDs. 

I don’t like them!  I don’t like the bright white light they give off.  I guess it’s more of a selfish reason why I don’t like them.  No one looks good in the bright white light and it somewhat gives off a greenish color.  Gosh!t  This is MY house I want to be able to look good in it!  Plus it also makes rooms seem too much like a warehouse.  I realize that incandescent lights are on the way out, but I’m going to ride that train for as long as it’s available. 

That being said, I thought I would give the LEDs a try on my tree which would be taken down in a month.

Nope!  No way!  Once they were strung around the tree and the room lights went off, it looked too much like we needed to be packing up boxes in a warehouse. 

Here’s where my husband really thinks I’m crazy!

I packed up all the lights and returned them and purchased just some plain inexpensive old-time Christmas lights.  So long story short our tree has brand new white twinkling lights and I love it!






My cone trees were super easy to make; no tutorial necessary!  Plus they can be customized to what ever color scheme you have.  Just wrap fabric around a cardboard cone.  I made my own cones using cereal box cardboard.  I looked into buying cones at the craft store and thought twice about it after I realized what it was going to cost me. 

All my greenery is faux including the tree in case you wondering.  Again I thought about adding some real stuff here and there for the scent but I just figured why?  I can buy a candle and it will be just as good and a lot less of an expense.






Years ago I cut out initials for my kiddos and tied them to their packages.  Just adds a extra touch of sparkle.  I’ve kept them for year to year and reused. 


I didn’t forget about my 2 starburst mirrors.  I added snowflakes in my coordinating colors to the rays.


Also my Dad’s deer antlers didn’t go untouched.  I dangled more snowflakes from one side.





I clustered ornaments together and then tied them to the light chain.  I also draped greenery around the light fixture and finished it off with white satin ribbon bows.



I just had to get a picture of my new favorite dessert…peanut butter chocolate balls!  They are sooo yummy!  Family members really couldn’t believe I made them or so they say!


An ornament wreath in shades of white, gold and silver is flanked by 2 simple evergreen wreaths.  A black satin ribbon is draped in between and connects everything together.



And one more look with the lights off.


And finally the happy kiddos right before church.  With excited faces and anxious hearts they couldn’t wait for Christmas to come!


We all had a wonderful day spending time together with family and opening up gifts.  Thank you for all the wonderful memories that I will always hold to dear of this Christmas season.

I will be back this week to show what I did for my little guy’s room.

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now.

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