Monday, January 13, 2014


Last week I got an email from Pinterest (I’m sure you did too) about a contest.  Pinterest would like to see what people are dreaming up for the year 2014.  They will pick several of their favorites and send out goodies to each.  Yes, that would be awesome to be one of their top picks, but I really just wanted to do it for myself.  Somewhat making a written out of what I would like to get accomplished.
I gathered pins of ideas that I would like to do for 2014.  My ideas are totally practical and within our budget.  That’s probably one reason I won’t win…I didn’t pin ideas of traveling to some far away country or remodeling our house from top to bottom.
My first idea is to make a gallery wall.  I came across some of my artwork from when I was in college and I thought, Why Not? Use what I got.  So here’s a pic of what I’ve gathered so far.
Don’t know if I’m in love with the big black and white abstract…we’ll have to see.  I want to add to the collection with more drawings and renderings all done by me.  To me that’s what will make it cool! 
I want to use existing frames or frames bought at a second hand store.  I definitely want them to have a bit of character and patina.  It makes the collection more interesting in my book.
My second idea that I pinned is I want to learn how to sew the “right way”.  I would love to take a class in it, but for now I will have to settle in and watch YouTube videos and reading blogs.
The easiest thing to sew I thought would be a pillow.  I’ve always wanted more pillows thought out the house.  What could be easier than sewing 4 sides of 2 pieces of fabric to make a pillow.  Here’s where I need help.  I want to put in a zipper.  I want to be able to use the same pillow form but change out the cover for different seasons or just if I want a change.  And I want to change a lot!
Aren’t those just dreaming!
My third idea is I want to grow my blog.  I’ve only researched this a bit in the last couple of days so I’ve just started.  I’ve pinned ideas to help in expanding your blog through social media, different blog readers and through keywords.  And the list goes on and on with tips.

I’ve implemented a few and a few tips I need to do more of.  All in time.
For the last of my ideas I’ll let you click on the link below and check it our for yourselves.  I’ve included a widget from Pinterest for easy click ability. 

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now.

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