Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bring Back Some Green

I really enjoyed having the Christmas tree up along with all the holiday wreaths and garland.  It seems like you’re bringing in a little of the life outdoors but minus all the cold!  Gosh, the holiday season just flies by.
Now that all of our Christmas decorations have been put away, I found myself in need of something to fill the greenery gap left in the house.  I needed some life within our spaces.
I have had no live plants in my house for several years now and it’s all due to one basic reason.  Kiddos!  Kiddos can grab and put in their mouth!  And when these kiddos are here for daycare I don’t even want to take on that responsibility.  So faux plants and flowers work just fine for me. 
When everything outside is brown and dead (and might be covered in snow) having a little greenery helps it feel not so brown and dead inside.
There’s just something fresh and new about white flowers in January.  Mainly I think it’s because white flowers represent new life or starting over in a new year.  I’m shooting for a new start plus I really like the contrast of the white flowers sitting upon my black cabinet.
Right now I really love the color combination of black, white, browns and greens together.  This vignette represents all those colors and it works.  The greenery livens up the space.  There is just something about black and green that is so striking.
More white flowers, in the kitchen, are refreshing to view. 
So while the holidays are over and everything is brown and dead outside, it’s nice to bring life in with flowers and plants.  Whether it’s live or faux, it’s all good!
See that peak of blue outside the window?  Those are sleds!  While we don’t have any snow right now, for us here in Nebraska we have to be ready for sledding.  They’re propped up and just waiting for us to grab them and go.  I guess that’s the ONLY fun thing about winter!
Thanks for reading!
Bye for now.

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