Monday, December 9, 2013

DIY fabric covered ornaments

My fabric covered ornaments I just love! 


I’ve had these ornaments for about 15 years.  I’ve redid them twice now in different colors.  I know that sounds ridiculous to redo them but it’s just too expensive to completely start over each time – especially at this time of the year.  I’ve kept the same Styrofoam balls and have added different fabrics and ribbon to give it new looks.

I originally got the idea with step-by-step instructions and a pattern from Martha.  I did them exactly how she has them pictured with the red, blue and green.  As the years have gone by, I’ve modified her method and made them into my own creation.

Here’s what is needed to start this project:

2” or 3” Styrofoam balls

an assortment of different fabrics

an assortment of different ribbons


coordinating felt

pins and scissors

Martha Stewart pattern



Begin by tracing pattern on wrong side of fabric 8 times.  I used a sharpie and it’s OK if it bleeds through – you will cover it up with ribbon.



Start to pin cut-out fabric shapes onto Styrofoam ball.  For this example I used coordinating fabrics.


Once the ball has been covered start to pin ribbon along seams.  Use all the same ribbon or coordinate it with a similar or contrasting ribbon.



Once the ball has been covered, cut out two smaller circles out of felt to cover up the top and the bottom.  I used a pinking shear to add some added interest.  (If you look closely my circles are off – oh well no one will notice in the end!)


I collected different shapes and sizes of silver beads from several different craft stores and thread them onto a pearl-headed long pin.  This acts as the top and bottom final to the ornament. 

It was funny…this year I added the color gold to the ornament and when I got out these beads some of them had tarnished.  Or maybe it’s not tarnished but some of them had turned gold.  What luck!  I didn’t have to purchase any new gold beads.


Finally add a coordinating hanging ribbon and it’s ready to be hung on the tree.


If you are using several different types of fabrics the combinations and possibilities are endless.


I will leave you with a few pictures of them hanging on my tree this year.

I really do love the look of the colors I have chosen to redo them this year.  I will probably keep them for awhile now!  It’s such a classic and glamorous look!





Thanks for reading!

Bye for now.

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