Monday, November 7, 2011

grandma's sheets {and what I've been pinning}

We had a nice weekend with my parents going out to eat and then to the football game.  The Huskers didn't win but was exciting none-the-less to go to a game versus watching it on TV.

Friday night we headed back to my Grandma's house after dinner.  She got all new beds in her upstairs with much thicker mattresses.  So consequently most of the sheets don't fit them.  If I wanted the old sheets I could have them.  I looked through them and this is what I took home.

In our redoing of the girls' room, these sheets are the perfect start.  I can't seem to move myself away from the brighter more colorful direction of colors for their room.  I have certain elements that need to stay in the room that are definitely pushing that particular color scheme. 

One thing about old sheets.....a year ago I would have totally pushed these aside.  Something about them kind-of grosses me out and maybe it still somewhat does.  I know you can wash them and I did with hot water and dried on hot heat.  But the thought of someone else lying between the sheets is still on my mind.  Now, the thought of these sheet being apart of a room that is cool for my daughters and son (I was thinking the yellow striped for my little guy, but don't know if it's to girly) out weights the grossness.

I am totally in love with this green one!  I love the geometric pattern and the apple green color.   This color and with yellow, pink and orange are colors that I am leaning toward.

On those lines I have been addicted to Pinterest.  When I first signed up I didn't get that into it.  Now I could spend hours just searching, looking, following and pinning. 

Here is what I have been pinning lately in the direction of designing my daughters' room.

This quilt is exactly what I am looking for!  It incorporates all the colors I want to continue in their room.

I love the green pom pom trim of this 24" pillow.

I want to find an unique fun side table that can be painted in a coordinating color.

Now that the girls are back to bunk beds it has opened up the floor space in their room.  I would like to find chairs that they can sit at and do homework or watch TV.  The chair in this photo is a little to large...but I am in love with the green and white over-sized fabric pattern.

I am dying over the bright yellow very-grown-up curtain fabric!

The mix of wall art is definitely something I want to recreate.

And finally vintage pillow cases with embroidered trim.

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Bye for now!

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