Tuesday, November 22, 2011

freezer paper book covers

I wanted to share with you how I made my book covers for my display niche above our TV.

I wanted an uniform book look and didn't have a collection of all the same books with same covers. 

I remembered reading about this tutorial found here, where she coffee stained shipping tags as a seating placement card.  I used the same technique on freezer paper and cut it to fit as a book cover.

I started by cutting sheets of freezer paper large enough to cover my books.  Make sure you cut it large enough, you will see why at the end once it drys.

Then I crumbled some up and others I folded.  I found that the manner in which you do this will leave a different pattern once it gets wet.

I prepared my instant coffee according to the directions and then dunked the paper into the coffee.

Watch out it will be hot!

Then I laid it out.....it's OK if some coffee remains on the sheet.

I then dibbled some of the granules onto the sheet into the excess and watched as it slowly dissolved.

I dabbed some of the excess liquid off.

It happened to be a nice day and I laid them outside to completely dry.

I didn't take a picture of the next steps but I cut the sheets to fit the books as a cover and hot glued them on. 

If you notice in the picture that the ends curled a little and that's why I suggested cutting the freezer paper a little larger than the book.  I cut around the curls for a straight edge.

I think I will always have these books as props in my display space.  They are a good neutral color with some interest and an unique texture.

I MIGHT try diluting red or green craft paint and doing the same technique for my Christmas display.  I am working on several things...ornaments, tree topper, wreath along with Christmas shopping and OH-My a little guy's 4th birthday party! 

I feeling a little stressed and the season hasn't even begun!

So the neutral book covers might need to work though this holiday season.

Thanks for stopping.

Bye for now!

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