Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween

  Happy Halloween!

I thought I would share some of our treats I made for my little guy's preschool class. 

I made the broom stick treat bags from Martha Stewart found here.  Super easy to make...handy husband thought I went a little over board.  It was all things I already had...just a different and clever way of putting candy in a bag.

I found these cute free Halloween hang tags found here

Of course he needed to get into the stamping fun. 

My girls needed (and I desperately NEEDED) Halloween gluten-free treats for school and for a party later in the day. 

Of course he tried to finger a lick whenever my back was turned.  And he was also constantly scrambling to find the loose jimmie that had fallen.  Aw-who I am kidding - I was constantly scrambling to find the loose jimmie!

I'm excited for tonight!  The weather is beautiful and should be a great night for tricks and treats!

Thanks for stopping.

Bye for now!

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