Monday, October 3, 2011

tree love

  Can a tree make you happy? 

Looking at this in my backyard sure does!  All of our main rooms face the back of the house and consequently I see this tree when I look out the window.  I am a tree lover!  If I had my way (and the money) my whole backyard would be planted with different species of trees with several of my most favorites; pine trees.  We have a huge yard and little to none landscaping budget.  So this lonely maple tree will have to do for now, which I don't mind!

We had a fun weekend of picking out pumpkins at a local produce/tree farm.  It was unexpected in what this farm offered just outside our little city.  They had a hay ride, bounce house, and all the fall/Halloween decor for kids.  We even had our first carmel apple!  It was mighty delicious!

The past years I have sort-of dictated what they were going to be for Halloween.  I know it's's just this thing I do, I want them to all coordinate.  According to my oldest they have all had a "theme". 

This year I have turned over a new leaf (it's a costume for heaven sakes!)....THEY picked out their costumes.  As we shopped, the costumes ranged between $9.99 to $74.99.  Yikes!  Of course I steered away from the most expensive, but surprisingly they all picked reasonable ones. 

After they choose what they wanted, let me announce to you.....we have a "theme"!  Yeah!  And I didn't even plan it!  They are going as a devil, vampire and a skeleton.  All classic SCARY costumes! 

I like it when it all comes together!

Thanks for stopping.

Bye for now!

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  1. Definitely! :) Trees make you realize how beautiful nature can be. The benefits they provide to us human beings are immeasurable. When you think about it, we need them in order to survive. ;)

    ~ Tia Timoteo