Wednesday, October 26, 2011

burlap tackboard

Today I thought I would show you my burlap wrapped tackboard.  I got the idea here and knew that I wanted to do something similar.  The woven strips of burlap add interest to a basic tackboard.  I have a small area above our phone in the kitchen that I haven't found anything interesting to put up. 

I remember reading about a Martha Stewart framed bulletin board found here using homasote board.  I really didn't know where to find this so I basically walked around Menards until I did.  It's a 3/4" thick fiberboard that came in 2'x4' sheet.  It's kind-of soft but firm enough to pin into.  I didn't want to use cork board mainly because it's a little thinner and most boards have a frame.  I didn't know how that would look with the fabric weaving over the frame and onto the board.

I had my handy husband cut me a piece to fit.  I barely used any...I think I will make another one for the girl's room to hang special things.

I basically followed the tutorial I linked to above.  One thing I did differently was that I covered the entire board with burlap first, paying close attention to covering the corners.  I didn't want to see the board underneath when weaving the strips of burlap. 

I added a bunch of fall things...a grouping of small orange ribbon flowers, artwork and class picture of my preschooler,

a spooky black Halloween flower,

of course I had to add a "G",

a leaf cutout book page from one of my Grandma's frig books found here,

and a school calendar with important dates, parties and snacks.

For the longest time I didn't have anything on it.  My handy husband asked, "So what are you going to put on"  I looked at him and laughed "Post-it-notes!  I think not!"  I simply can not have bright neon colored post-its hanging on my board - it would ruin my design.  Later I informed him that things need to be written down.  We need better organization of upcoming events.  But I also need it to look good too!

Thanks for stopping.

Bye for now! 

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