Tuesday, July 5, 2011

summer birthday wreath

  I hope everyone had a blast this 4th of July.  I know my family did shooting off fireworks!

I love this picture of all of them huddled around Dad lighting a snake, even the dog wanted to be a part of it all.

This weekend was filled with everything that has to do with birthdays.  Buying presents, wrapping presents, making decorations, hanging decorations and planning my grocery list.

I finally finished several projects that I will share in the next couple of days.  Today I will show you my front door wreath.  If you have read my blog before, you might have noticed that I love making wreaths!  It's a quick project that I usually I can get done in a day.  And if not I can usually work on it during nap time.

This wreath is by far my favorite!  I will probably do this again, just using different fabrics.
Watch out there are a lot of pictures!

Instead of wrapping the ruffle around the wreath like I did in the previous one, I ran the ruffle in circles.

I started with just one long 3" wide strip of fabric.  I ruffled it and pinned it to the wreath.  It so was missing something!  Then I cut another 3" strip and pinned it to the back of the wreath.  It still looked like I needed to add another strip.  I cut another one and pinned it in the middle.

I didn't like how you could see the pins in the ruffle so I hot glued only the inner ruffle.  No need to do the other 2 - you don't see them.

I didn't like how the edge of the ruffled fabric was straight.  So I free-hand scalloped the edge and then frayed it.  I love the tatted undone look!

I added some flowers and made a banner that coordinated with my invitations.  I hung the banner with some orange baker's twine.  I had originally thought I would also include a "Happy Birthday" stamped on a piece of paper and hung with the flowers but I now think it might be too much. 

The yellow zig zap banner is my favorite!

I thought I would show you one last picture of our 4th of July.  In this part of the country these fire-proof fabric lanterns that you set on fire, somewhat like a miniature hot air balloon are all the rage.  So of course we needed to get one.  You might think it's illegal - I sure did when I first saw it.  But they're not and according to the fire marshall he says they are safer than fireworks.  Our night sky was filled with them.  It was quite a sight!  Our girls were so hoping to follow one and catch it as it drifted down to the ground but not such luck.  But when we woke this morning one had come down in our back yard.  Our Hannah said because of it it was going to be her lucky day!  How cute!

Thanks for stopping.

Bye for now!

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  1. I love your wreath, I might have to make one to go on the door for my daughters birthday! Following you now!

  2. love it! so simple, yet so pretty!

  3. This wreath is so cute; Nice job! :) Those mini-hot-air-balloon-lanterns sound awesome! I have never heard of them before! Thanks for sharing! I'm your newest follower! :) Best, Michelle

  4. This is amazing! Love it! I can't wait to try it out!

  5. Love this! Glad I found your blog!

  6. This wreath is so cute!! I am going to try to make a summer theme wreath!

    Easy step by step recipes for the everyday cook!

  7. This is beautiful! I think that I may make one for my girls' bedroom when we redecorate, consider yourself pinned. Thanks! Jess (at) OlyMomma

  8. that is so stinkin' cute!!!!!
    i love it.
    i found you through tater tots. :)

  9. This is SO beautiful!!! Just popping in from TT&J :)

  10. Your wreath is so pretty! And the pennant banner is adorable!

  11. I saw your link on FPOTF and had to jump over. I love this wreath. That coral color is my favorite right now, but I think I might use this idea for my fall wreath, maybe in a lovely burnt orange color. Thanks for sharing!