Monday, July 18, 2011

summer activites

  Aren't fusion beads the best?  We love them at our house!

They are the prefect summer activity for when it's just too hot to go outside and you don't own a pool.  The beads keep them occupied while they are making their creations for awhile.  I iron them.  Then it keeps them a occupied for a little while longer as they play with their new designs.

Working right besides me.  I am on a twine kick!

I needed a vase for some flowers for my front entry desk.  I just wasn't finding anything in my house that would work. 

I found this painted flower glass vase underneath my sink, but I wasn't diggin' the painted flowers nor did I think I ever would.  The shape and size were perfect though.

So I thought what if I were to cover it with rope?  But I first needed to address the painted flowers and how would I cover the top inside?  I had never painted glass it doable? 

Yes it is!  I sprayed the vase with several coats of spray paint.

Here is a mid-way picture of my process.

I coiled rope around the vase and hot glued it into place.

You could buy rope/twine at any hardware store.

While I had my glue gun out, I've been meaning to make some "summer time" decorative balls.  I've done the moss balls pictured here at Easter time and crepe paper flower balls found here.  Now it was time to make some "summer-time" decorative balls.  There is just something with rope that makes me think of summer.  I really don't know why I feel this way, we don't remotely live close to water.  None-of-the-less it reminds me of summer and water.

So while I had my glue gun out, I grabbed some of my dollar store plastic balls and started wrapping twine around and around. 

They took very little time to make and they add such texture to any display area.

Here they are grouped with other items above our TV in our living room.

And finally pictures of my finished vase with my fabric flowers.

I hope everyone is keeping's hot in almost of every area of the country.  Enjoy your indoor activities!

Thanks for stopping.

Bye for now!

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