Thursday, March 31, 2011

My new found love of moss!

 Moss, Moss, Moss!  It's my new love!  Maybe it's the color or maybe it's the texture.  Whatever it is, you can't mess up with moss.  Moss is definitely probably I should say you can't go wrong with moss.  I've mossed quite a few things in my house.  I mossed the same Dollar store balls found in this post.  And I have several "G"s in my house that have been mossed.

I feel moss blends itself so well with Easter decor and color.

When I was deciding on what to display in my kitchen on a small wall space, naturally I turned to moss.

The polish pottery hard-boiled egg holders needed to go. 

I've seen the word "EAT" in many pictures of kitchens on design blogs and magazines.  I wanted to do something similar. 

So this is what you need and this is what I did.

I printed off the word "eat" in a basic font from my computer- I think I used Ariel. 

I cut out the letters and started tracing them on to a cardboard with carbon tracing paper, which you can find in any office supply store. 

I started to cut the letters out but cutting cardboard is difficult with scissors in some areas.  I needed to get my xacto blade and cutting mat out to finish them.

There they are!  The best thing is that your cutting doesn't need to be perfect.  The moss will cover all the areas that you may have not cut straight.

Then I put on hot glue and pressed the moss into it.

For the edges I simply just added more hot glue to the edge and wrapped the moss around it.  Some areas I needed to add more to the edge to cover.

One thing I have seen around blogland is that some people leave their freshly glued moss in a more of a "loose" look.  I wanted mine to be nice and neat.  So I trimmed them up quite a bit.  You can see this in the close-up picture at the bottom.

In the above pictures the "T" was looking a little more green the other two letters.  I just hot glued more moss on top of what was already there.  That fixed it.

Also I would add one clean-up tip.  Cover your work area with something!  I cut a plastic bag and spread it out onto my counter top.  When I finished I carefully folded up the bag and threw it in the trash.  The first time I didn't do this and it was one big mess!

I took down my egg holders and put them in place.  Love it!  It's a small wall space and they fit perfectly. 

My hubby said he didn't know if he liked moss and his food together.  I agree, but this is not near our food preparations and it's going to stay for awhile. 

I really like my mossy "eat"!

Have you mossed anything lately?

Thanks for stopping by.

Bye for now!

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  1. I love your mossy eat! They turned out great - your blog is fabulous. I am your newest follower!


  2. very fun! I'm going to have to give it a try!

  3. I've seen all the Moss projects out there lately, and I love them all... especially love your "eat". question... where do you get the moss?

  4. Oooh you just took the moss letters to another level! How awesome! I would love for you to link this to my VIP party today =)

  5. Good night!!! You've got some crazy, great stuff going on over here!

    I just went through every post you have, and loved them all. I'm your newest follower!

    So glad you commented and that I found your blog :D


  6. Thanks for stopping by to link up! I love these =)