Thursday, March 17, 2011

Car Word Signs

  I thought I would show you some word signs that I painted awhile ago for my little guy's room.  We finally got them hung last weekend.  I got the inspiration from Pottery Barn.  I tried to find the picture online, but they must not sell the bedding anymore.  They weren't selling these but they were just part of the room decor they were photographing 

Anyway, my little guy has a transportation themed room.  I wanted some old looking signs along with some licences plates to hang on the wall.  Using my barn wood written about here, I had my handy hubby cut various sizes and shapes.  I choose colors that worked in his room.  And I also choose plain fonts that would give the impression they were old basic road signs.

The arrow sign is my absolute favorite!  It's a little wonky shaped toward the back end of the arrow.  For some reason I was in a hurry to draw this and didn't measure it out completely before he cut it out.  

The freight sign on one side bulges a little more than the other.  Again I was in a hurry!  Really I don't know's not like I needed to get these done in a certain time frame.  Plus my procrastination on projects makes it just silly.

I had newer licences plates up but they just didn't give the same feel.  They were to shiny and new.  I love these!  They are dirty and rusty!

It's hard to see in this picture but my gas sign has a thin frame around it.  The sign is recessed in the frame. 

Yes, Nebraska is known as "The Beef State".  I'm not originally from here so when I heard this for the first time I thought it was weird!  But there are a lot farms here!

All these signs are different and totally add to the theme of his room.  He loves cars which makes these perfect for his space.

Just a side note....I do have an Etsy shop and I have made duplicates of all these signs that I will eventually sell one day.  I DID make an "arrow" and "freight" template so that they will all be proportional.

Just a side note #2....I just realized I promised to show you pictures of my flowers on my faux branches.  That post is on the way...I just need to finish my Easter eggs that I will have displayed underneath it.

Thanks for stopping by!

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