Monday, March 14, 2011

It all started with this......

a post-it.

Early Saturday morning I had an idea of making a sign.  I wanted to make an old-looking sign like Miss Mustard  Seed famously does.  

Back in the fall I called on a Craig's list ad for free barn wood.  It was my first Craig's list adventure.  I was a bit nervous!  It was a good one!  I wished that I would have taken a picture of this barn built from 1900.  It was in a back yard of a house that they were trying to sell.  According to new convents in this area the barn needed to be torn down by the time the house sold.  The ad said we needed to bring our own tools.  Thank goodness my hubby is handy!  We loaded up in his pick-up with tools and off we went.  When we arrived the owner was rigging up a pulley system to take one of the sides of the barn done.  There was these awesome pillars that supported the barn from the inside that the owner was going to keep.  All around the barn were piles of boards that were already spoken for.  We started going through piles of the not-spoken-for-wood.  We got chippy painted green, orange and red tongue-and-groove boards.  Plus several widths and lengths of natural old boards.  We also got a barn door.  It's not very tall so I don't know how it was used.   A lot of these boards had square nails.  I thought that was interesting....I had never seen something like that.  Overall I was pleased at our adventure!  Looking back now I wished that we would have taken more.

Sorry I needed to tell that story before I continue with this one.  We had several orange boards left that I wanted to put together to make a sign.  Let me back was my husband's idea to use the orange boards horizontally.  I wanted just plain boards put together vertically with a frame around it like my post-it.

We didn't have anything going on that day and so when my husband pulled the cars out of the garage and I asked him what he was doing.  I was shocked to hear that he was going to do my sign.  He is a great guy in starting and  finishing tasks.  Where as I might start something and may not get it done for another two weeks.  It drives him nuts to see half done projects all over.  But he got right to work.

I wanted a frame around it that the sign would be recessed in.  Here is a picture of him getting frustrated with me over 1/8" of an inch difference that the frame would stick up.

Here is the finished project.  He did a wonderful job!

I'm so pleased!  He did it so fast that I didn't have time to think about what I wanted to paint on it.  The boards were not all constantly orange plus I didn't want orange.  I knew I wanted it to have a some-what white background.  So I thinned white acrylic paint brushed it on.

It's instantly white chippy paint!  I love it! 

That evening I visited the The Graphics Fairy and came up with a couple of options.  I love the lettering of these two advertisements.  I can't decide. 

So now I'm in deciding mode.  I gotta figure out how to transfer the image.  I don't have a projector.  I will have to play around with my printer and getting the size I want. 

I definitely will reveal my finished sign to you all.  Keep your fingers crossed that it gets done SOON! 

Thanks so much hubby, you did a wonderful job!

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  1. oh i can't wait to see how it turns out! :) yay for fun and helpful hubbies - aren't they the best?