Wednesday, June 15, 2011

my summer wreath

 I needed to change out my wreath for my front door.  I loved the look of all the fabric flowers but I wanted something more summer-like.

So I headed to the goodwill.  To my surprise it was $1.00 shirt day!  Yeah!  I stocked up on vibrate summer colors that I could cut and sew together.  I could just feel the curiosity the lady who helped check me out on what I was planning on doing with these shirts.  I definitely was not going to be wearing these!

I also wanted to do something different than a yarn wreath.  I followed the tutorial from Jones Design Company found here.  I am so not a sewer!!!!  And with this tutorial you have to sew. 

I had bought a sewing machine shortly after I graduated from college.  My dreams of becoming a designer who could offer made-to-order sewn pillows and curtains for customers was short lived, or should I say never lived!  OH-well....I now have a machine that has come in handy. 

My machine did not come with a ruffling foot....(I don't even know if that's the correct name) nor did I know how to adjust the stitches to make it ruffle.  I did know how to pull the thread and gather the fabric.  And I did start to do that, but that was pain-staking to say the least.  Plus my thread kept breaking and all that I gathered before came undone. 

I had come across this awesome sewing blog that she had made a summer scarf found here.  She used elastic thread in the bobbin.  She also said that in some machines it doesn't work.  OH-gosh.....I had my fingers double crossed that it would work in my mine. 

I had some elastic thread left over from my little-girl-hair-making-days (another dream that really never took off and I have incredible amount of bows left over to show for it).  I wound it up on the bobbin, it was tricky, and put it down in the machine.  And it worked! 

I didn't have linen on hand to use as in the tutorial.  I used that Osnaburg fabric (don't know if that's the correct name or not) found cheaply at Walmart.  It ruffled great!  It was light weight and was perfect for my summer wreath.

I liked the ruffles going down the wreath versus the one coming up.  So I wanted to hide them and decided to put my flowers on that side.

I made a ton of flowers and I dont' know if it seems to much.  I really like the different colors it adds to my front door. 

I have flowers in planters on my front porch and this wreath mimics those colors.

Thanks for stopping by.

Bye for now!

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  1. This is beautiful! Love the ruffles and all the brightly colored flowers.

  2. LOVE everything about this wreath... I'd love for you to share it at my link party. So cute!

  3. OH MY GOSH!!! This is so adorable! I LOVE IT! I LOVE the ruffled fabric too! :)

    I'm your newest follower! Would LOVE for you to stop by and say "hello" :)

  4. This is adorable! I love the ruffles and the bright flowers. Perfect for the summer! Visiting from Positively Splendid's Saturday 7!

  5. This is beautiful. I especially like the flowers. The are giving me some ideas for some jewelry. Thank you for the inspiration

  6. Can't explain how cute this is!! I am your newest follower and I am visiting from Tatertots and Jello and I would love if you would link this up this weekend to my Delicately Constructed Fridays linky party!!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. beautiful! and your pics are stunning... thanks for sharing. saw you on under the table

  8. Wow! This is incredibly gorgeous. You did a beautiful job!

  9. WOW! I love the colors and your pictures are fabulous! LOve it!!

  10. It's beautiful! The colors are gorgeous :)

  11. Love this wreath! It's feminine without being overly frilly. And the colors!! Simply beautiful. I featured your wreath today on the A2D Inspiration Files.

  12. That is just gorgeous! I think all the flowers are perfect. :o)

  13. So beautiful!!! How do you make the flowers?

  14. Love this wreath! Following you from tatertots and jello-stop by for a visit!!

  15. Very pretty, how do you make the flowers?