Monday, June 13, 2011

fun weekend

We had a garage sale on Saturday that was a huge success!  Along with the sale we had a lemonade stand that was so cute that I just had to share.

I wanted the stand to be more than just a table with a table cloth on it.  I shared my vision with my handy husband and "PLEADED" with him to make it.  He came through!

The base was made from our neighbors palette of their deck expansion.  And he used scrap wood for the posts and sign.  I painted the word "Lemonade" on it and it was done.  I added a red and white checkered banner to it and a gingham table cloth.

We got so many compliments on it.  Someone even suggested to us that we rent it out.  How funny!

Thanks to all of our customers!  Especially to those who said to keep the change!

The same neighbors gave us a pair of roller blades that didn't sell and they were just going to give away.  They were a little small, but they both enjoyed using them.  So with some of our garage sale earnings we bought 2 pairs of roller blades.  I think they expected to roller blade perfectly.  So they were a little discouraged at first.  But now they have mastered the drive way into the street and feel a little more confident.  In the end the girls had a blast!

After little brother was done riding his bicycle, he came out with his new super soaker!  It was quite a sight to see him soak his sisters that can't get away fast while on their roller blades.

We had a fun weekend!  I hope everyone had a nice one as well.

I have a bunch of things that I have been on to show you.  I will share them shortly.

Thanks for stopping!

Bye for now.

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