Monday, October 21, 2013

pumpkin patch weekend and other random happenings

This weekend was busy for us doing random and necessary things around the house, but we did make time for our annual trip to the pumpkin patch on Saturday.  It was one of those beautiful October days that you wish would be all year round.  It was warm enough for no jackets and the sky was a bright blue with thin wispy white clouds.  Here’s a few pictures of our time…

Making our way through the corn maze; wondering which way to go.


Picking out JUST the right pumpkin.


Climbing and jumping on hay bales.


Playing in and around old tires.


Walking through haunted houses or standing from a far and admiring them. 

And finally at the end of our day taking a picture of all 3 of them looking in my direction and happily smiling at dusk; what a fun day!


Needless to say WE were all tired including Mom and Dad!


You remember this DIY vase I posted about on Friday?


Well….it now looks like this!


Or should I say it actually looks like this!


As you can see some of the gold leaf has rubbed off in areas.  This was NOT the look I was after!  It is now sitting in our garage waiting for the next step back to recovery.  Yes, a project gone very badly!  I have tried gold leafing in the past with no success.  I don’t know why I felt that this time was going to be different!  Never again gold leaf!


I worked on redoing some Christmas ornaments for a short time.  I know it’s early for Christmas but I want to get these done and hung on my tree this year.  So when else am I do to it?


My color scheme for this year is white, silver and gold.  Gold will be a new color for me and I’m excited about it.  I’m envisioning it to be very glamorous!  Not that it really matters to the rest of the family, but I will like it!


There are fun and easy to make.  I originally got the idea from Martha Stewart.  I will have to show in more detail how I make mine.


I did work on my painting this weekend and I’m so proud of myself that I actually have paint down.  I like the top portion of the painting but as you can see the bottom half has been painted over.  Plus my oldest daughter said it looked like “fire” and that totally is not what I intended.  But I guess isn’t that the point of art to the eye of the beholder?  But in any point I don’t want something to be remotely considered as fire hung in my living room. 


On to PLAN 1!  Yes, technically speaking that was plan 1 but I was just laying down paint.  There really was no rhyme or reason to what I was doing.  And as you can see it wasn’t going very well!


So I have a drawing now to base my thinking and painting on.  It’s a very limited drawing but I think it will work out this time.  To be continued!


In between all those things:

  there was laundry to do, washing all our sheets and putting them back on, doing a heavy duty cleaning of all 3 bathrooms, vacuuming and baking the best little snack ever.


It’s a peanut butter chocolate-chip cookie bar with chocolate frosting.

It’s no secret, I have such a sweet tooth.  My kiddos should be proud to have me as their Mom - baking all this sweet stuff!

I had to serve it with milk and some apple slices; tried to counterbalance some healthiness back into the snack.  It’s to die for!  Plus did I mention it’s gluten-free.  Even my husband who is not thought it was pretty darn good and he doesn’t say that too often about gluten-free. 

I’ll leave you with that picture.  Have a wonderful start of your week!

Thanks for stopping!

Bye for now.

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