Tuesday, March 6, 2012

my winter wreath

Seeing that it will be nearly 70 degrees today, I figured I better post about my winter wreath.  Spring is right around the corner and I am already thinking of what to do for spring.

This was my Christmas wreath that never was written about.


I got the idea from Martha Stewart found here.  It took me a looooooong while!  I started with an 18" straw wreath.  I have never used this size: I wanted something bigger for the holidays.

Well, I started with one bolt of yarn and did make it all the way around once.  But there were gaps and you could see through it.  So back to the fabric store I went.  I grabbed 2 more bolts, thinking I only needed one more but just in case I bought another one.  I probably didn't need the third but I wrapped it around as well.  The outcome is a nice fluffy non-see through yarn wreath. 

Now that the core wreath was done, it was time to embellish.

Making the flowers also took some more time!

Martha Stewart's wreath consisted of using different color ribbons with different textures.  I did price it if I were to do it exactly like she did using her source....mega expensive! 

I had bought a some velvet and satin fabric to re-do some Christmas ornaments.  I decided to give the fabric a try.  I made myself a template in 4 different sizes and traced away. 

I followed the directions online and put the flowers together. 

Instead of covering the entire wreath I decided to pin the flowers only on one side.

After this was all said and done it was only a few days before Christmas.  It was such a shame to take it down so hence the idea for my "winter wreath".

Here in Nebraska the ground is shades of brown and gold and often times covered with snow.  I wanted to incorporate those colors into my wreath.

At the fabric store I bought 1/2 yards of different colors and textures that I thought might work.

Some fabrics were easier to work with than others.  So beware.

Also I hung the wreath from a ribbon that I thumb tacked to the top of the door.  I didn't want to use my standard black hook.  I think I like it!

I used several different flowers stamens or "pips" in various coordinating colors and sizes.  I found most of what I used on Etsy.

I also ran the edges of the fabric petals through a candle to seal them.  I did this afterwards once I noticed the edges fraying after being on the wet-icy door.  If I were to make flowers again, I would do this before constructing the flowers.  It just gives it a more polished look.

Stay tuned for a spring wreath.  Hopefully it wouldn't be almost summer before I write about it.

Thanks for stopping!

Bye for now. 

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