Wednesday, March 7, 2012

a glamous big girl party

My big girl turned 10 this past February! 

Ohh what an exciting age!  She definitely is not a little girl anymore and not quite a teen.

A fun age that deserved a glamous big girl party. 

We've done the swimming, play park, movie and slumber parties.  I wanted to create a party where girls got dressed in fancy party clothes and ate, danced and mingled. 

I glittered, sewed, pom-pomed and baked to get things ready.  I also did a lot of pinning!  If you follow me on Pinterest, I pinned a lot of pink, white and gold parties. 

So here is just a few(hehe) pictures of the details....

I wanted to create a whimiscal tree with recycled glittered Christmas ornamnets as the centerpiece.

My lollipop circle tissue paper fluffs were super easy to make.  I will show how sometime soon.

Cupcake toppers are from this adorable Etsy shop, Icing Designs.

The paper doily banner and glittered flower streamers are from Martha Stewart.  I did add my daughter's name to the center of the doilies.  The glittered "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" banner was made by me the same way I did my "THANKFUL" banner found here.

My sandwich toothpicks were another easy project.  I will show how to make those as well.

The ruffled fabric garland was also sewn my me....and it still amazes me that I did this one!  I need to perfect a few things before I show anyone my method.

I made a bunch of symbols, number "10"s and letter "C"s out of glittered cardstock to hang in the tree.

And finally my oversized cardboard letter "C".  This too was an easy project but did take awhile.  I used the same technique as I did with my hanging crepe paper flowers found here.  The only difference was that I used strips of crepe paper in lengths of 2' instead of 4'.

Finally every party has to have balloons!  There is just something about balloons.  This party I ordered extra-long strings so that the girls could reach them.

The party went well!  I thought girls would mingle around the food and into our living area.  Instead they would grab a bite to eat and go back into my daughter's room.  At one point I went into her room and found all 8 girls on the top bunk sitting and talking.  I guess at this age they need their privacy too!

Thanks for stopping!

Bye for now.

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  1. Emily, Everything was so beautiful. I am so impressed with your creative designs. Caitlyn is so lucky to have you as her Mom. What a BIRTHDAY.!!!
    Melanie Z