Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's going on 4 weeks!

  I wanted to give you all a quick update on my wonderful sign that my handy husband made for me almost 4 weeks ago.  Every Saturday that passes he reminds me that I haven't done much with it.  I tell you...I'm in thinking mode.

But in my procrastination thinking mode.....

I've been demoted in the garage!

There's my project waaaaaay over there on the freezer.

My handy husband's got something new to work on.  Maybe his mind will drift away from my lack of work on my piece.

Here it is outside.  I painted it then sanded it.  Then I didn't like how much sanding I did so I painted it over.  I sanded it slightly some more.  I sanded it more on the horitzontal pieces to accentuate the lines.

Seeing it here I will probably sand it some more, especially on the ends.  

This is old wood!  The wood has some great raised grains that looks authentic when sanded.

I love the bottom piece of wood! 

There it is!  I have worked on it but it's been slow....I admit.  I'm keeping this and I want it to be something that I will enjoy looking at for years to come.

To be continued....

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  1. Can't WAIT.... :)

    LOVE the wood! I'm now watching criagslist!