Thursday, April 14, 2011

Children's Silhouettes

  I am seeing silhouettes all over.  I wanted to get on the silhouette band wagon!  I had taken down several shelves with family photos in my front entry.  I needed something to fill that area.  I came across a wonderful tutorial by Emily's at Jones Design Company found here, but I couldn't get a real clear image when I printed it off.

As I have mentioned earlier I wanted to do my oldest daughter's silhouette over.  She wears a lot of pony tails and I wanted hers to have that look.  This is what it liked like before.  She is the one on the left.

 So instead of using the computer this is what I did. 

I took a profile picture of my daughter and printed it out.  Something to keep in mind when hanging mulitple silhouettes together is that you want them all to be roughly the same size.  Yes, they all don't have the same sized head, but I didn't want my oldest to be way huge and the youngest to have a puny head.  So I played around with printing my images in different sizes.

I used black cardstock and a sheet of carbon paper found in any office supple store.

I first traced around my image before I started tracing in onto the cardstock.  I did this because I wanted to have a clear line for me to trace from.  I embelleshed her hair and drew in an eyelash. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that I wanted all my silhouettes to be facing a certain way.  So I traced the image onto the cardstock on the back side.  I didn't want to see any pencils marks from the front.

I put the carbon paper between my image and the cardstock and started tracing.

Then I cut it out.  I did have to get out my small sharp scissors to get into the small sections of her hair and to cut out the eyelash.

I taped it directly onto the scarpbook paper and taped the paper underneath my oval picture mat.

There she is!  She looks so more grown up in this silhouette than in the first!  Having her hair pulled up and her neck exposed makes her look more mature.

 While I was in the moment of doing silhouettes, I did my middle child over as well.  Her hair needed some embelleshment and she needed an eyelash.

And how could I forget my little guy!

I love my silhouettes!  My handy husband teases me that I move pictures around too much.  Well these are here to stay!  I might even redo them as they get older.

Silhouettes have been around for ever! 

 I can remember as a child and sleeping over at Grandma's house, there were 2 pictures of silhouettes hanging on the wall.  I was quite scared of them when trying to fall asleep.  My sister and I slept with the hall light on and our door cracked a bit.  I could see the silhouettes haning on the wall with the little amount of light coming in.  They were shadows of people hanging on the wall that scared me so much that I couldn't move in my bed!  I felt like they were looking at me!

And now I have silhouettes hanging on my walls.  Hopefully my children are not frightened of them!

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Bye for now!

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  1. Wonderful photo frame you have made Emily...
    Like your handy work so much.
    -handsome men photos

  2. oh my, how Fun!!! You did a great job!