Friday, February 25, 2011

Folded Book Page Wreath

I was on a book page makin' wreath kick!  After making the first wreath similar to Miss Mustard Seed's, I came across this picture in Pottery Barn. 

Pottery Barn

I could use the same books from Grandma's house, but instead of rolling them I could slightly fold them with a dab of hot glue to keep them together.  So again I folded lots of paper and again I made a donut shape out of cardboard for the backing.  This one was a little tricker than the first.  I needed support on the glued pages to keep them from falling over.  I used a cup to keep them "standing".  Once I had all of the folded paper glued it still seemed a little flimsy.  I decided to glue some pages in the opposite direction for futher support.  I did this ramdomly.  You can see this in my side picture.

I like how this wreath is all kind of whilly-wonky (yeah I know that isn't a word)!  Some pages are placed evenly while others have the look of just randomly put in with a kind of up-turn fashion.  I added a brown wired ribbon behind the wreath and a glittered "G" is hung from one of the pages.

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  1. hey emily! your wreath looks great! :) hope you have a good friday!

  2. This is so fun and whimsical! Love it! Your newest follower from TGC Blog Hop.

  3. Fabulous! I love anything using book pages.

  4. Hey love the wreath! Saw your link at Under the Table and Dreaming. Looks like you pulled off the copy of the one by Pottery Barn!

  5. Hey Em, I found your blog and I love it!! Here is a link to mine. Looking forward to following you!