Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Book Page Wreath

I've been dying to make a music sheet wreath like Miss Mustard Seed. 

Miss Mustard Seed
I did not have any sheet music nor did I even remotely know where I could find some.  But a recent trip to Grandma's house got me thinking.  She loves to read and her storage room is overflowing with books.  Even so she has filled a working freezer full of books.

She let me take as much as I wanted....she didn't really understand what I was going to be doing with them at the time.  She even was excited that I was going to read them.  I told her that I was going to CUT them (my face cringed a little when I said cut).  She said it was alright and I started going through her stacks.  I took several that were different sizes and had different page colors.  I loved the ones that their pages were yellowed! 

I started this project by ripping out pages and rolling them up into a cone shape.  It took me awhile.  I didn't really know how many to roll.  I cut a donut shape out of cardboard and started hot gluing the rolls on.  I totally did not have enough!  Not to worry, I had more than plenty of books!

I made 3 rows in my wreath.  The 2 back rows are with pages that are of similar size.  The top row I used smaller books to roll with.  I even cut some pages to vary up the color of the row.

I even made some book bundles that you see everywhere now for my desk. 

I'll share another book wreath with you in a day or so.
Thanks for stopping!

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  1. i found a stack of old sheet music at a garage sale - did you check any of those? your wreath is gorgeous - great job! and i love the freezer full of books.. is it actually cold?